Monday, June 25, 2007

walking with integrity

Yesterday, was historic in the Episcopal Diocese of California. Bishop Marc Andrus, his wife Sheila Andrus and Anglican Nigerian Human Rights Activist Davis Mac-Iyalla rode together in the San Francisco Pride Parade along with a huge diverse crowd of Episcopalians and other people of faith who support equality for all. Many thanks to the great work of Integrity/Oasis on putting an array of events together connecting local Bay Area gay, lesbian and transgender folks with their sisters and brothers on the other side of the planet. Matt and I were thrilled to be part of this awesome display of solidarity, compassion, joy and justice seeking.

On a related matter, check out this post over at the Episcopal Cafe about a mega-church pastor who stands up for equality, be sure to watch the CNN video as well. Many thanks to Andrew Gerns for posting this.

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Andy said...

I just moved to Portland, OR from New York City, and Portland's Pride was last weekend. Portland can be so hyperliberal that I'm actually at greater risk for being discriminated against for being a Christian than for being gay, so I was pleased to see that there was a sizable religious contingent in the Portland parade, including a couple of Episcopal parishes. It is just so important for people, both gay and straight, irrespective of religious affiliation, to see that Christianity is diverse, too, that we are not all right-wing conspiracy theorists. I heard Bp. Robinson say at an event in New York that "religion is the source of our oppression," so it is vital for spiritually-oriented gay folk who've been hounded out of their faith traditions or left they felt unwelcome to see that there are churches who will embrace them and stand up for their intrinsic dignity and value as a human being.