Saturday, June 16, 2007

Sacred River in Peril

During my junior year of college I traveled in India, Tibet and Nepal. While in Rishikesh, I took a dip in the Ganges River. The last city I visited in India was Benares, also called Varanasi. Benares is a tremendously beautiful and sacred place where the Ganges River fills regularly with pilgrims bathing and praying. India is where my life of faith and prayer began to be rekindled. I left for India cynical, bitter, and angry about religion (of all forms) and returned to the United States humbled, open, and seeking reconciliation with God and the religion (which best means to draw together) of my youth. Today, my heart and mind returned to India and to the great Ganges River when I read this story in the Washington Post. That article highlights how climate change as a result of our human irresponsibility and greed is endangering that beautiful river --- the source of drinking water and the site of religious practice for millions.

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