Sunday, November 11, 2007

Sorrow & Hope

This weekend has been a blend of hope and sorrow. First, the sad part. Last week there was a major oil spill in the San Francisco Bay when a container ship crashed into the Bay Bridge causing enormous damage to our ecosystem. Click here to donate funds or to volunteer to help in the clean-up. Volunteers have experienced some frustration but more opportunities are emerging for people to get involved.

On Friday, a friend and I visited the San Francisco Green Festival where we met up with Ben Corey-Moran from Thanksgiving Coffee Company. The event gave us hope that creativity and commitment can help move us toward a better future. The work that Ben and Thanksgiving Coffee are doing to promote fair-trade and interfaith partnership was one of many inspiring examples on display. The weekend event was organized by Global Exchange and Co-Op America.

Yesterday evening we went to see Man From Plains an inspiring documentary about Jimmy Carter and his work striving to help foster peace in the Middle East. Go see this film if you can.