Tuesday, June 12, 2007


The last few days have been filled with amazing conversations about the emergent/emerging church, new monasticism and intentional community. Ian Mobsby from the Moot Community in London has quickly become a good friend. Today Mary and I had the chance to meet Tony Jones from Emergent Village and Doug Pagitt from Solomon's Porch. Also, we got to spend some time connecting with Bay Area colleagues from many different faith expressions Presbyterians, Baptists, progressive evangelicals and Episcopalians. I'm looking forward to connecting more deeply with the emergent/emerging movement locally and globally. Fortunately, Mark Scandrette is a neighbor also living in San Francisco's Mission District. I'm looking forward to reading his book "Soul Graffiti" and Ian's book "Emerging and Fresh Expressions of Church." We in the mainline church have much to learn from the emergent/emerging communities, creativity and authenticity in worship, nurturing commitment and community, cultivating relationships across theological and denominational lines, I feel like I could go on and on.

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Eliacin said...

I think Mobsby's book is quite good. I read a while back when it was just his private thesis - Fr. Travis let me borrowed it.

I think his content was good, but our presentation lack a creative edge - maybe because it was the last and I imagine he was quite tired.

When are you visiting Seattle?