Saturday, September 16, 2006

future church with ancient faith

My good friend Mary tonight told me a little bit about visiting Church of the Apostles, a faith community in Seattle that is part of the new monastic movement. Here's a bit from the community's website:

CHURCH OF THE APOSTLES is a future church with an ancient faith... in the story of jesus, we have glimpsed god's future and know that "thiscouldchangeeverything." so our purpose is to helpgodchangeeverything, by participating in god's future within today's culture and our local zipcode, in intentional community around jesus christ. the future is not something we manufacture, and community is not something we can coerce you into, but both are works of the spirit to which god calls you. so as god calls you, we welcome you to join us in helpinggodchangeeverything and exploring god's future among friends.

Check out more here & in an article in the Seattle Times here.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Will for mentioning this...
I'm returning to church after some time apart, and what attracted me to trying Apostle's (other than your recommendation) was the emphasis on the call to community and the willingness to ackowledge that something much larger than ourselves (or the sum of individuals) is at work in the world. Anyone in seattle who would like to join me should drop me a line.

Chan. said...


Please pardon this incredibly random comment from someone you don't even know, but while I was surfing around trying to hunt for what I now think is a defunct blog, I came across this particular post.

I actually attend Church of the Apostles in Fremont (since you linked it, I might as well say that I'm the one holding the communion cup in the Times photo), and just wanted to drop a quick comment before disappearing back into cyberspace.

If you or your friend have any particular burning questions, feel free to drop me an e-mail or leave a comment on my blog.

Anonymous said...

To Will

Have we met? I'm curious... are you serving a parish in San Fran and if so which one? I'm coming to visit San Fran the first week in July to spend a week in a small convent so i could look you up between prayers ;-)

And Mary, where do you live in Seattle?

Might we have a coffee sometime?

From Karen Ward at Apostles, Seattle