Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Blogging has taken a back burner recently as I have been learning more about the Bay Area. Thanks to my new friend Griff, a seminarian and organizer for the Episcopal Diocese of California's Commission for the Environment I have been nudged to attend a number of gatherings focused on the environmental situation in San Fransisco's Bayview-Hunters Point neighborhood. There are serious concerns being raised by local residents, faith leaders and environmentalists about asbestos dust in the air due to construction at a nearby shipyard. The dust is causing many health problems especially for children and the elderly. The entire San Francisco School Board recently passed a resolution calling for a temporary halt of the construction until testing of the community takes place. To read the School Board's resolution, click here. You can read more about yesterday's press conference here.

Please pray for all those in Bayview-Hunter's Point community and learn more about what many view as a serious issue of environmental racism.

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