Wednesday, December 06, 2006

being peacemakers

Diana Butler Bass has been at it again --- bringing faith, reason, and compassion to the complex issues of our time. Author of Christianity for the Rest of Us, Bass recently posted a profound statement of solidarity with Lisa Jensen, the peace wreath trouble-maker in Colorado on the God's Politics blog. Just today, Bass participated in a live discussion at on current challenges within the Episcopal Church and Anglican Communion. (Definately, read the transcript here.)

As I prepare for tomorrow's witness for peace and rememberance of all who have died in Iraq, I am grateful to be part of a tradition that seeks to embody reconciliation. The Diocese of California's new Bishop Marc Andrus (a "progressive pilgrim" Diana might say) at the last convention received a standing ovation when he said the following,
"The other area I need to mention regards being peacemakers. The writer, Arundhati Roy, who wrote the beautifully crafted novel, The God of Small Things, is also a political essayist of great incisiveness. She has commented that the non-violent movement today is paralyzed in a crisis of how to move forward when the great political leaders of the world powers have learned that they can ignore and sideline mass non-violent protest effectively.

I believe she is correct in this assessment, and I feel a frustration that I think she shares, bordering on desperation, as I look at the reality of the war in Iraq, which I strongly oppose. I want you to know that I will be looking for ways, as the bishop of this diocese, and as an individual Christian, to oppose this war in more effective non-violent ways. It is only fair that you know this." (read the whole thing here)

For more information on tomorrow's (Thursday's) event please click here. If you are far away from the Bay Area please join us by praying for all those who have died and for peace.

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