Monday, August 21, 2006

umm...what's that you say?

"Young orthodox Anglicans must have lots of orthodox Anglican babies."

umm... this morning I ran across an interesting discussion on the above comment over at Sarah Dylan Breuer's blog. Thank you Dylan for catching this sad comment and getting us to look closely at the Bible. Join the discussion at:


Mike Croghan said...

If your child enters the world clutching a tiny Book of Common Prayer (1928 edition), you know you have succeeded. If not, keep trying.


MargretH said...

Tom Erich had this to say about orthodoxy in his daily meditation for today.

"Hopefulness is the province of dreamers. It is the glorious bounty of faith. Right-opinion counts for nothing. Orthodoxy is merely thought frozen by fear. God's desire is for us to leave home as Abraham left home, to imagine freedom as Moses imagined freedom, to serve as Jesus served, to "dream dreams," to live without fear, and to long for "living bread," not stale doctrine." - Tom Erich

"thought frozen by fear" is an intriguing statement on orthodoxy. I haven't decided if I agree yet, but there is something paralyzing about the whole thing if it gets out of hand. For instance, firing female Sunday School teachers.