Monday, August 21, 2006

Sunday School Teacher dumped for being female

While this story might seem outrageous, sadly many large mega-churches across the country have few women in leadership roles. I am a Christian today because of the numerous women in my life growing up who taught Sunday School, ran Vacation Bible School, led committee meetings, sat on the vestry, and served as Priests and Bishops. Thank God the Episcopal Church and other mainline churches welcome and support the ministry of women. Mary Lambert, the Episcopal Church Welcomes You!

The photo above is of Mary Lambert, who after teaching Sunday School for 54 years was dismissed for being female.


sevenofrhymes said...
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sevenofrhymes said...

I deleted my earlier comment because it wasn't very clear what I was saying. What I meant to say was that in this instance, the Bible is wrong.

It is probably time for the good folks of Watertown to think about whether they want this man on their city council.