Monday, August 14, 2006

Remember Jonathan Myrick Daniels

Recently, I visited Canterbury Cathedral on my first trip to the UK. In the very back of the Cathedral is a Chapel dedicated to Saints and Martyrs of Our Time, those who have given, or are giving their lives for the sake of God's reign. One is invited to light a candle and say a prayer for those who are currently undergoing suffering or risking death for their faith. There was also a book containing photos and brief biographies of 20th century martyrs. Along side images of Oscar Romero and Martin Luther King, Jr. I was moved to find a photo of Jonathan Myrick Daniels, a young Episcopal seminarian who gave his life during the Civil Rights Movement. The Episcopal Church remembers Jonathan Myrick Daniels today, August 14th but Daniels is a person whose life invites us to "come and follow" everyday in our pursuit of God's dream for all.

Please read more about Jonathan Myrick Daniels, here and here.

The new Bishop of California Marc Andrus while Suffragan Bishop of Alabama helped organized an annual pilgrimage in remembrance of Daniel's witness. Learn more about the Pilgrimage for Peace here and here.

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Anonymous said...

Being from New Hampshire and having just viewed a video on Jonathan Daniels, I was Googling him and your posting came up. How wonderful that he is memorialized at Canterbury! Thank you for sharing that information. You may be interested to know that the chapel in the Episcopal student center in Hanover, NH is being rededicated this Sunday by our bishop in Jon Daniels' honor and memory.