Thursday, August 24, 2006

Praying Prisoner

My friend and mentor Richard Busch has been a supporter of Jens Soering, a convict serving two life sentences in a Virginia prison. While behind bars Jens has written a number of interesting books on faith, justice and contemplative prayer. Here's a list of his books:

The Convict Christ: What the Gospel says about Criminal Justice

The Way of the Prisoner: Breaking the Chains of Self through Centering Prayer and Centering Practice

An Expensive Way to Make Bad People Worse: An Essay on Prison Reform from an Insider’s Perspective

There's a review of The Convict Christ, by Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat at Spirituality and Practice.

If you are interested in Jens' case (he is seeking parole) please visit Jens' website:

"Lord Jesus, for our sake you were condemned as a criminal:
Visit our jails and prisons with your pity and judgment.
Remember all prisoners, and bring the guilty to repentance
and amendment of life according to your will, and give them
hope for their future. When any are held unjustly, bring them
release; forgive us, and teach us to improve our justice.
Remember those who work in these institutions; keep them
humane and compassionate; and save them from becoming
brutal or callous. And since what we do for those in prison,
O Lord, we do for you, constrain us to improve their lot. All
this we ask for your mercy’s sake. Amen. "

Book of Common Prayer, page 826

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Anonymous said...

I'd have a lot more interest in what Soering has to say if he would follow one of the first tenets of a spiritual life...honesty and truth.

He butchered two human beings to death...despite the whacky stories he now tries to spin, the evidence is beyond clear. Elizabeth Haysom told the truth about her guilt and is serving a near-life prison sentence. I respect Haysom's decision to confess her guilt and to pay the earthly price for it. Until Soering is decent enough to do the same all of his words are just noisy trash. He is making a mockery of Christianity and a laughing stock of those who support him. It doesn't take much research to determine his guilt. I'd suggest his supporters take the time to learn the facts of the case before blindly following this dangerous and creepy psychopath.