Monday, June 27, 2011

on being in the paper

A little over a week or so ago I got a phone call from a lovely person,at The Bay Citizen (a great local non-profit news site that partners with the New York Times). I later learned she grew up in the same area as my Mennonite grandmother in Mifflin County, PA. I think Nana from her hammock in heaven sent her my way, she always loved surprises.

Reyhan said she was working on a story collecting quotes from different parts of the gay community, on the gay community for Pride. My first reaction was, how come there aren't ever any articles on the "straight" community --- is there such a thing? Then I went on and on talking to her like the opinionated blabber mouth I am (don't worry, I'm getting myself signed up for some real media training some time soon). After that the friendly reporter said she'd be in touch next week, "we'd like you to come downtown to our offices so we can take your picture." Let me tell you that was fun, it is not often that a poor urban priest gets treated like a celebrity. The gifted photographer Annie Tritt was so sweet, hilarious and taught me that my left side is my best side (according to her some really famous people actually never let the other sides of their faces get taken pictures of).

You can check out the article here & here. Just for the record, Matt and I got married in October 2008 at City Hall & had a wedding/blessing of the marriage at Grace Cathedral (my former employer) in October 2009. Thank you to everyone at the Bay Citizen for including me in your story, along with such interesting and inspiring other queer people I'd really like to get to know some day. Hopefully, a little attention like this will inspire a few more folks to peek in the door of St. Cyprian's, God knows we've got lots of good reasons for one to do so. Reyhan, coincidentally did a fabulous story on St. Cyprian's friend Damon Styer owner of New Bohemia Signs, who made our hot new sign.

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