Monday, April 26, 2010

Gathered Lambs

You can listen to last Sunday's sermon here.

This little guy joined me in the pulpit.

I also mention, this event/book Jesus for President,  you can see a video about the San Francisco part of the tour and a blog posting about what happened at Grace Cathedral on a Friday a few years back.


Celtic Expression said...

Another thought-provoking sermon. Thank you. I used the "Jesus for President" theme as the basis for a "Jesus for Prime Minister" sermon prior to our UK General Election. It went down well.

Connie said...


Sorry, I didn't stop to hear the sermon. I actually came over from your 2007 article on intentional community. I really connected with that article and wonder if this continues to be an interest for you?

Will said...

Hi Verde,

Yes, I am still drawn to intentional community though am finding there's also real value to be discovered in communities whose edges are less distinct, where the rigorous and the lapse collaborate on discerning God's call.

Thanks for the post.