Monday, February 05, 2007

a way to live

This weekend I spent exploring New Monasticism or intentional Christian community not far from my apartment in the Mission District of San Francisco. The Church of the Sojourners along with Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove, Tim Otto and other leaders/shepherds of the New Monastic Movement hosted an ecclectic gathering of Christians --- including evangelical megachurch attendees, urban social justice ministers, emergent church enthusiasts, mainline youth leaders and seminarians, and staff members of two large urban cathedrals. The event was a "School for Conversion" or seminar on the practices, theology and history of intentional Christian communities from the Desert Fathers and Mothers, to the Catholic Workers, Benedictine's and Franciscans to Koinonia Farm. I left with hope and inspiration.

Below are some links to a few articles about New Monasticism. You can find a few books on the topic by clicking here.

The new monastics
Alternative Christian communities

by Jason Byassee

The 12 Marks of a New Monasticism
by Josh Andersen

The New Monasticism
A fresh crop of Christian communities is blossoming in blighted urban settings all over America.

by Rob Moll

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Eliacin said...

Hi Will,

Eliacin from Seattle here. Hope you are doing well. I got pretty sick once I got home.
How is the journey?