Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Left Coast Faith

Somehow growing up on the east coast I was taught that folks on the left coast (especially in the Bay area) were all anti-religious secularists. I'm finding that this is far from the truth. Yes, there are many people who have been deeply wounded by some religious institutions and are still nursing those wounds by staying as far from churches as possible (who can blame them) yet there are also folks who are finding hope, healing and transformation in faith communities some for the first time, some after some time away from organized religion. Since moving to San Francisco a month ago, I've met numerous people of faith both inside and outside the church living profoundly beautiful lives of compassionate service, community building, and rooted witnessing for a more just and peaceful world. As this blog continues on the other side of the country from where it was started I'll try to highlight people and places that give me hope for the journey and that seek to in some way embody the way of Jesus in our time.

In just a minute I'm leaving for Eucharist at San Damiano Friary - a tiny community offering a whole lot of love to this city in numerous ways such as the S.F. Night Ministry. This morning, I shared a meal with a whole bunch of religious folks (Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist and many others) at the annual Interfaith Prayer Breakfast. St. Francis of Assisi I'm sure was pleased to see the religious people of his city coming together to celebrate organizations that are seeking to offer at-risk youth and children alternatives to violence.


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