Saturday, May 12, 2007

discovering geez

Matt and I just got back from a walk around Holly Park. On our way home we stopped by Red Hill Books and I found a very provocative magazine called geez. Challenging, offensive, humorous, inspiring and creative a read through this magazine is good medicine. Matt's even picked it up but I won't hold my breath.


Karen Ward said...

Will, I'm Karen Ward in Seattle.

Might you email me off line to:

I left a comment on your sept 06 post that mentioned my community in Seattle and your friend Mary.

I want to learn more about you (what parish you are at, if you are serving a parish.. ) and about Mary.

Eliacin said...

Hi Will,

How've you been? Have you been in contact with our friends at Sojourners?

I am interested in hearing how your book study on Shane's book went. Andrew (from Olympia) and I have been working on some sort of connection between communities and coops. We'll see.

See if you can find the Geez issue on playing house, it was a good issue on housing and community.


Will said...

Karen and Eliacin,

I have to get up to Seattle! You all are doing such amazing, inspiring work both at Church of the Apostles and at St. Mark's Cathedral.

Eliacin -- I've been pretty bad at being in touch. Did we ever get a list of everyone's email? Could you send me yours? or post it on my blog?

Karen -- just sent you a message. Would love to spend time with you when you are in San Fran in July. I've been admiring your work for awhile. Mary's unfortunately moved back to Virginia.

Love and Peace,

Gallycat said...

Hee hee! I love Geez, and I've been published in it twice. I have some spare back issues if you want them. :D