Friday, March 23, 2007

Pray for Mozambique

I learned today from one of the organizers of our trip to South Africa Tselane, that Mozambique is facing many serious challenges. Below is her message, please visit Hope Africa's website and learn how you can help. Episcopal Relief and Development is also working with Hope Africa to help provide assistance, click here to learn more.

I think we need to keep our Mozambican friends in our prayers. Yesterday the temperature was very hot and it caused the military storage booms to explode. The explosives went on the whole day till midnight.

80 people where killed and the country is faced with floods, drought and earthquake.Malaria to name the few.

Please keep them in your prayers.

To read more about the situation in Mozambique, please click here.

The Pilgrimage for Peace participants from Mozambique are Cesar, Mércio, Arthur, and Hilàrio, please pray for them and their families.

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