Tuesday, March 13, 2007

on the way

Today, is my last day in South Africa, four of us Californians will be leaving this evening. I feel sad and yearn for more time with these pilgrims in this inspiring place of hope. Each night of the pilgrimage many of us have stayed up late into the night discussing the days activities at the TEAM conference, learning more about one another, where we’ve come from and where we sense God may be calling us. Last night was a late one.

We have had an incredible time. Yesterday, our group had the honor and privileged of meeting with the Reverend Michael Lapsley, an anti-apartheid activist who lost two arms in the struggle. He now helps others throughout the world in their pursuit of forgiveness, justice and reconciliation. I encourage you to listen to Father Lapsley’s visit to “The Forum” at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco and learn about his journey and ministry.

Also, yesterday the Pilgrimage for Peace met with the Right Reverend Frank Griswold, retired Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church. He engaged in a dialogue with the Pilgrims for over an hour, asking and answering questions. Together we discussed the church’s response to domestic and international poverty and details about his and other religious leaders efforts to persuade the President to pursue peace rather than war.

Today, we visited the deeply provocative, stunningly designed Apartheid Museum outside Johannesburg. There is so much to be said about the dramatic history unveiled there --- what came across boldly was the profound influence of young people, the importance of global solidarity and the need for wise elders in bringing an end to that unjust system. May this Pilgrimage for Peace help give a boost to the global efforts being made to end poverty, disease, hunger, sexism, war and violence.

The Pilgrimage for Peace continues...


richard said...

Thank you, Will, for these moving words of inspiration for those who could not make the journey except through you. Richard Schaper

Anonymous said...

will, your leadership in journaling this trip and helping others do so was crucial and inspiring